Sunday, 7 May 2017

Bahubali -2 The conclusion Telugu Movie

Director & Screenplay: S.S. Rajamouli

Music: M.M. Keeravani

Story: Vijeyandra Prasad

Cast: Prabhas, Rana Daggubatti, Anushka Shetty, Tamannah Bhatia, Ramya Krishnan, Nasser & Satyaraj

Frankly speaking, never watched the Bahubali-1 completely till now, but had understood the story line due to the repeated telecast on MAA TV.

Storyline of Bahubali 1 and 2 is about coveting the power from the deserving and ultimate failure in doing so.

Its not an easy task to deliver a larger than life characters in a periodic film on the big screen especially to the Indian Audience whose expectation levels are deep owing to the deeply penetrated consciousness about the kingdoms, kings and queens in their blood.

And Bahubali-2 excelled in that task and deserves its unique identification amidst the Indian cine world.

Each and every character had a valuable presence on the screen be it Kattappa, be it Devasena, be it Bhallala and last but not the least Sivagami, the Rajamata.

The importance these characters were given can be identified by concentrating on the way the actors and actresses got involved into the same. I could recall Ms. Ramya Krishnan being identified as Nilambari after Padayappa's success in India. But post Bahubali's tremendous succcess she will be carrying the tag of Sivagami at international level.

I am just thinking what to describe and what not to describe about the film.

Nothing can be taunted. Be it the posh set designed for the film or unbelievable VFX effects or precision thundering fight scenes. 

Its a treat for Indian Cinema lovers by SS Rajamouli.

I would like to pick few scenes that was enjoyed by me.

Scene 1: Ofcourse the introduction of Bahubali through incredible taming of an elephant and Sivagami's  fearlessness during the entire course of action.

Scene 2: Bahubali standing for Devasena safeguarding her pride at the Mahishmathi court hall.

Scene 3: Swift justice provided by Bahubali to the pervert.

Scene 4: Bahubali and Devasena leading a simple life amidst the ordinary people solving their problems using their right mindedness.

Scene 5: Kattappa smearing the blood of Bahubali onto Sivagami's hands to make her realize the gravity of mistake she had committed.

Scene 6: Devasena walking over the cut golden face replica of Bhallala and setting him on fire alive.

Film has given every opportunity to precipitate the goodness of Indian culture i.e. respect and importance given to women at the political level which most of the western world fears to provide even now. Importance given to cherish able relationship that looks beyond the flesh and meaningless attraction. 

At the end of the day, we need to realize that we are no more under the monarchy system and we are indeed governed by democratic principles. In the democratic setup each voter is a Bahubali / Sivagami / Devasena and there is no need to wait for 25 years to dethrone a Bhallala. This should be end point to take home.

Mana Andhari Maate Bharatha Rajyanga Sashanam. Jai Bharatham.

Sunday, 17 April 2016

The Jungle Book - English Movie

Its The Jungle Book, was being tele-casted in Door Darshan national and I remember being a follower of the cartoon in my childhood. When I heard about the film being made on the cartoon, I couldn't recall the story line. I knew it was about a lost kid in the wilderness, helping Baloo, dangerous Sharekhan. But I couldn't recall the story line.

It was Saturday and the film was screened in a theater nearby my house. I wanted to give it try. On my way to home with my mother as a pillion rider. I stopped by the theatre to buy a ticket for myself (my friends were busy indeed). In the display board, the show was mentioned to be at 4:15 Pm and I bought the ticket, but the time printed was 12:30 pm. To my shock the show was preponed. After dropping my mom at my house I raced back to the theatre, as it was already 12:45.

Entered the theatre and show was running. Pitch dark, had to spend some time in the stairs before being seated, to allow my eyes get adapted to the theatre, else I might end up occupying some else's seat. 

3D experience was cool, Mowgli riding on the back of buffalo and a gigantic mud slide. Superb visualization to begin with.

In eyes of the snake, I could immediately recall the entire story line which had been hiding in my mind. Of course Baloo and Baghira are the rolling characters of the film along with Mowgli.

But the most terrifying scenes were of the huge Oranguton hiding in the ancient Hindu temple and the way the other monkeys trying to help their king find the RED FLOWER.

Baghira who did not want Mowgli to think like human beings at last advised him to use the TRICKS to kill the Sharekhan and save the pride of the Lady Fox.

Personally, I felt the movie was a bit short, and director could have added something EXTRA to the film to make it a fulfilling experience.

But a good movie for kids excluding the  horrifying chase scenes. I would like to rate 3 out of 5 and its mainly because of the short story line.

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Bajarangi bhaijaan - Hindi movie

Music Director


It  was August 2 and my wats app account was filled with messages pertaining to Friendship. Yup it was all about "Happy friendship day", got them from my school friends, college friends, my tenant, my co-workers etc. I just posted a reply message to one of the group,"How about celebrating the day?" After initial hiccups there was a plan  fixed, a cinema as well as dinner.

Bajarangi bhaijan, title looks creative and before watching the movie I just guessed it to be a remake of South indian Mega star Chirajeevi starrer Jai Chiranjeeva. But this cinema was entirely different in the sense, it was put in a rather simple and kid attractive manner, which makes more sense to the kids.

Everything was simple, ever dashing Salman khan was simple, bean hipped Kareena Kapoor was simple, story was simple, plot was simple and last but not the least Baby Munni-(I would like to mention her so) was indeed simple and more importantly cute.

Plot was about a girl who gets abandoned on her way from India to Pakistan, who originally belongs to Pakistan and also about the struggle of our being human hero Salman Khan to enable that cute little angel to reach her home safe and neat.

This main story line is supported by sub story lines which speaks about the hindu muslim relationship, nationality, love, symapthy, journalism, bhakti and all major good on the earth.

But the most important factor which floored me completely was that innocence on the face of the Munni throughout the cinema which made her character look as much real as possible on the screen, touched my heart and result was tears in my eyes on seeing happiness on her face as soon as she reached her home and hugged her mom.

And the film was worth the money which grossed around 300cr till date and one time watchable for the sake of Munni. Hope her innocence is safeguarded and remain untouched despite grand success of the cinema, stardom and wish to see more of her in near future. Best of luck Munni. 

Meanwhile after cinema, we moved towards a restaurant for our dinner to complete the day and fill it with joy and happiness.

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Brahma- Kannada Movie

Director: R Chandru
Music Director: Gurukiran
Lyricst: Kaviraj
Rangayana Raghu

"Brahma", title creates a flutter and a sense of expectation from the cinema and it was last day of my semester exams. Myself and my friends wanted to clear the tense mood by watching a cinema. We hunted several theaters in the majestic area and finally got a ticket to "Brahma" . It was the first day of the release and there was quiet decent crowd.

After a wait for around half an hour, we could enter the theater and show began with that extra-ordinary whistles for the beloved hero-"Mr. Uppi alias Upendra". 

I cannot clearly remember exactly the starting scene of the cinema. Pl don't doubt on my memory power but truly speaking it is for the director of the film to be blamed for his "chow-chow bath" kind of screen play which jumps regularly from present tense to past tense frequently and we need to keep track of both tenses perfectly.

Personally, I was very depressed the way a worthy good-will message was delivered in a unworthy way. Honestly speaking, the basis of the cinema takes its root from the Telugu film " Kick" starring Ravi Teja. The story is about a man taking illegal route to feed the needs of poor and unsupported kids. It speaks about our duty as a responsible citizens to show a little bit of courtesy for the people who are deprived of love and care.

But this exemplary message is lost in the order-less screenplay which tries to fill many things in little space/time. We find Mr.upendra doing romance, Police hunting for upendra, Upendra fighting the bad people, Upendra looting big shots, Upendra doing comedy. Its all about upendra and not about story.

I expect people in Kannada industry to do some homework and simply glance their past glory, days when heroes like Ambarish, Tiger Prabhakar, Vishnuvardhan, Dr. Rajkumar ruled the cinema world by placing the story above their personal virtues.

The only saving grace of the cinema was beauty of the Pranitha and Comedy of our ever green comedian Rangayana Raghu.

Music and I dont have anything special to speak about the same.

I would like to give two out of five stars for the cinema.

Real Brahma creates the universe, this Brahma is busy giving right upadesha in a confusing manner...

Meanwhile, I could really connect with trailer of the film "Ulidavaru Kandanthe" and I am really looking forward for the cinema.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Life of Pi -- (English Genre)

I had always wished to watch this spectacular movie of the decade on the big screens with a 3-D glass on my eyes, but it was my exams and i missed the same. My friends were much agreeing about the no-nonsense story and magnificent graphics in the movie and had to keep listening to their experience and slowly the topic faded.

Last week, I had to share some technical materials with my friend and in return he loaded the pen drive with a HD quality print of the movie " LIFE of PI"

Eager to watch the film which had made a great news across the globe, film was loaded into my computer and speakers were set to huge decibels, show began for the one man audience. Believe me, the film did justice to the hype and was far better than my level of imagination.

Story did begin from Pondicherry, a union territory of India to speak about the happenings in the life of Pi-Patel, son of a zoo keeper. After the family head decides to close the zoo and sell the animals to western countries, they begin their sea travel along with animals packed in a ship. 

Pi Patel, a sharp minded, straight forward individual , followed his passion on a high scale. It may be about his interest in practicing three different religions , his eagerness to watch the Richard parker (a Bengal Tiger) close into its eyes or to speak to Anandi about his first love. Never would have this guy, imagined about his wildest days ahead and was busy enjoying rains pouring into the ship caught amid-st a wild storm.

Slowly and steadily, the wild waters swallowed the big ship but was kind enough to allow Pi-patel along with his zoo-mates to survive with help of a rescue boat. Pi-patel saw his co-survivors- Zebra, oranguton, hyena die in-front of him to become a feed for Richard parker (same old Bengal Tiger). The rest of the story is about the struggle between Pi-patel and Richard parker to survive and get out the wide deep ocean alive.

During this struggle, Pi-patel , who was vegetarian was forced to feed on non-veg, he grows his persona to the level of mastering the art of controlling a tiger under his command. He is introduced to his beloved god, a carnivorous island and at-last gets out of the sea along with Richard Parker alive to share this magnificent experience with the world which never believes him.

More than words, its the artificial world of water and the animation graphics speaks volumes and a big kudos to the Director of Film- Mr.Ang lee for getting this superb piece of art into reality.

Its worth watching Life of Pi. Five out of Five stars for the film.


Friday, 31 May 2013

EPIC-2 (A 3D movie)

And the cinema hall near my locality had installed a new Sony 4K 3D projector and i hadn't experienced the same for quite some time. And being a lover of cartoon movies I never wanted to miss the opportunity for watching EPIC-@ which got some positive reviews from my friends circle and decided to watch the same.

It was the last day for the movie in the theater and I got to the same quite early and i was entertained outside the theater by the kids who were quite eager to get into the cinema hall. It was time up and show started little earlier ahead of the scheduled time. With few people inside the cinema hall, i had a comfortable viewing angle of my choice.

Film is all about the fight between the good and the old and this time is in terms of afforestation and deforestation and i personally appreciate the concept which serves as an eye opener about our failure to acknowledge the beauty associated with the nature and for sake of monetary gains we are into making this beautiful earth a barren land indeed.

Queen character and associated VG of the way she is taken out on the leafy chariot is quiet awesome and even the race scene in the movie pulls us into the same. Music is good.

The movie is quiet a good experience especially for the ever enthusiastic kids who never get tired like we the adults.

Overall it was a good 3D experience and i loved the same....

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Myna- Kannada movie review

Director: Nagashekhar
Producer: NS Rajakumar
Music Director: Jessigift
Chetan Kumar as Sathya Murthy

Nithya Menon as Myna

I had borrowed a software and needed to return to my brother whose house was situated at Jayanagar. It was Sunday evening and even my brother was feeling bored. It was a last minute decision that we immediately made up our mind to watch a film at Eshwari theater and to our luck tickets weren't sold out.

Got the tickets and entered the wide hall. People were busy settling and film began as per schedule. It is a romantic story with a tragic ending. Though the story line is unbelievable but carries a tag of " TRUE STORY" with it.

Lead actor who is selected for a TV show happens to meet his lady love on a train which runs between Castle rock and Goa via Doodh Sagar waterfalls. The guy gets so much in love with his girl that he walks out of the show not wanting to share his hundred rupee note ( Watch the film you will do understand). If i were in his place, I would have borrowed another hundred rupee note and would have continued with the game.

So the hero manages to impress his lady love in disguise of a beggar without a leg. Story just builds pace when the heroine comes to know that hero is indeed with good legs and when hero comes to know that heroine has no walk-able legs.

After romance, its about a bad doctor who is killed by the hero and finally both hero and heroine are killed due a word uttered by police officer which is heard wrong by the constables and it is " DON'T SHOOT". And I got to know a new meaning for the word " COLOURFUL" from the film.

Cinematography is great and camera man has been successful in capturing the wet look of the Doodhsagar water falls.

Finally I would like to say that I cant believe the story line and Chetan needs to tune up his emotional skills like Nithya menon who is truly fabulous. A superb song for you from the film: